Grand Slammerz

Understanding Membership Allowances

Basic and Silver memberships each come with allowances. These allowances are either a fixed number for the duration of that membership or the allowance is governed by time, 24 hours.

It is important to understand that the 24-hour period does not start at a set time for everyone. The period starts when you perform the first action.

For example, you play the first video at 03:00am on Friday, this signals the start of the 24-hour period. It is common that members may forget the 24-hour rule and feel the are being short changed. Before raising a complaint please remember that if you start the 24-hour period on Friday night/ Saturday morning at 03:00am the 24 hours will not have passed when you come back at 1am on Sunday morning. You may have slept and see this as a new day but unfortunately there is two more hours to go before we start the new allowance.

Profiles always rule. If you access the photos from another members profile or from the photo galleries this will count against your allowances for 1x Profile View and 1x Photo Views. The same is true of videos. However, you may scroll through and view as many photos and videos as you like from the timeline.